Three reasons.:

One is that my vision is all messed up. The yellow background with the bold black marker lettering i s really easy for me to see.

Second: All I need to write is the pad and a Sharpie, both very portable. If I forget either at home, i can buy replacements for cheap. Though I like the idea of a well-appointed writing room overlooking a lake, I do a lot of my work in the passenger seat of the car, in waiting rooms, at any table that’s handy, at the bus stop.

Third: No segue issues. I dislike writing linking material. Also, I want to share some parts of my life, but I don’t choose to tell people about other parts. The one-page format is pretty good; there’s enough room to share the most important details. I can double-up if I have two half-page mini-memories. Perfect for this TLDR culture.